Standard-Capacity vs. High-Capacity Magazines in Oregon

The anti-gun crowd likes to use emotional hyperbole in order to push their anti-freedom agenda.

Let’s face it: Cold, objective facts are not in their favor.

Case in point is their constant use of the phrase “high-capacity magazines” to scare the public in thinking that a given firearm is more dangerous because it has a “higher-capacity” for something dangerous, something scary.

The phrase “high-capacity magazines” is typically used to describe any magazines which can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Given that most Glock 19 handguns ship with two or three 15-round magazines and most AR-15 rifles ship with at least one 30-round magazines, any 9 or 10-round magazine is far from “high-capacity.” In fact, a 10-round magazine is “low-capacity.”

The overwhelming majority of handguns sold nationwide come from the factory with magazines that hold over 10 rounds. 13-15 rounds is standard. Some handguns ship with even larger magazines. The classic Glock 17 has always shipped with 17-round magazines. In addition, the popularity of CZ has exploded recently and many of their full-size handguns come with 19-round magazines.

Don’t give in, folks. Stop playing their game. Start calling the magazines your firearm came with what they really are: “Standard-Capacity Magazines.”